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All Things Ath

All Things Ath

The Art, Thoughts, and Meanderings of Steven Jay Athanas

3 Sisters Eating Ice Cream in the Long Grass on a Windy Day

Watercolor, Micron pens, pencil. Approx 16”X10” Framed

Hello and welcome to “All Things Ath,” where I’m inviting you to explore a little bit of my world and its creations. Whether it’s visual or musical, I’ve been creating for over 6 decades, and I have no interest in stopping. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

In the “Gallery” you will find pieces I have made, some as far back as 1998. Watercolor, sculptures, my written works – it’s all represented. In the “Shop” portion of the website, you’ll find pieces that are for sale. These 2 portals are not mutually exclusive, however. If there’s something in the “Gallery” that you would like to have, please drop me an email and let’s discuss it.

You’ll notice that I have a very keen interest in the preservation and conservation of our most precious asset: water. No one on this planet is exempt from the necessity of this commodity. From a small leaky faucet in a public bathroom to the negligent dumping of tons of waste into our waterways, we must become aware of this dilemma, and do what we can – what we must – to stop our wrongdoing. Our very lives and the lives of every living creature depend on it. It’s that simple.

Again, I welcome you to my site and look forward to any critique/commentary/what-have-you that you may have.