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All Things Ath

All Things Ath

The Art, Thoughts, and Meanderings of Steven Jay Athanas

The Water T Project

“Thousands have lived without Love, not one without water.”  — W.H. Auden

Clearly humans, aquatic mammals, and fish need clean water to survive. To bring awareness to the impact that water pollution is having, I’m collaborating with an old friend, Jim Arvanitis, Founder/President of Sea King CBD, to create some thought-provoking drawings like the ones below and bring awareness to the importance of water preservation and conservation. I’m also working on a few more inspirational drawings that I hope will be available soon. We’re calling this particular project “The Water T Project”.

Each drawing will be printed on high-quality, 100% cotton using non-toxic inks. You can order your Water T’s on my website (see below or the “Shop” page). Just click on the one you like. You can also order Water Ts on Arvanitis’ website While you’re there, checkout the outstanding CBD brands and products they have at guaranteed low prices.

We will be donating 75% of our net profit from the sale of Water Ts to non-profits who are involved in ocean cleanup activities. Arvanitis is speaking with several of them who are interested in collaborating with us. More details to follow.

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T-shirt images are simulated, but the graphic represents the actual graphic.