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All Things Ath

All Things Ath

The Art, Thoughts, and Meanderings of Steven Jay Athanas

Refrigerator Mugnets


    • Sculpey
    • Magnet
    • Acrylic paint
    • Refrigerator (not included)
    • Approx 2″ H
    • Each Mugnet is a unique piece. No two are the same.
    • Priced at $30.00 each

Each Mugnet is a unique sculpture. No two are the same. The seven Mugnets you see in the picture represent some of the pieces Steven has created. If you want to buy one or more, let him know and he’ll sculpt a unique Mugnet(s) for you. Mugnets are priced at $30.00 each.

Sculpey, magnet, Acrylic paint, refrigerator (not included). Approx 2″ H


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