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Water Is Magic

Water is essential to live organisms. It exists on other planets both within and beyond our solar system. Water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface. It is known as a ‘universal solvent’ because it can dissolve many more substances than any other liquid found in nature, but water cannot dissolve every substance. It gives our bodies energy.
The water molecules (H2O) are simple, yet the physical and chemical properties of the water are extraordinary. It can exist in three physical states — liquid, gas, and solid. Although water is fairly complex; the configuration of its building blocks produces a molecule with unusual and almost magical properties. Is water magic?

Besides the science of water there exists a fascinating view of water that goes beyond what most know. There are many cultures that view water as sacred. Native Americans believe this to be so. For instance the Blackfeet in Montana believe in three separate realms of existence – the Earth, sky and water. “Niitsitapi,” (humans) and “Ksahkomitapi,” (Earth beings) live in one realm. “Spomitapi,” (sky beings) live in another realm. And “Soyiitapi,” (under water beings) live in a third realm. The Blackfeet viewed all three worlds as sacred because within them lived the divine.

Many cultures around the world believe water to be sacred and some of their governments recognize the need for legislation to protect it as such. Unfortunately, these efforts are not enough to stop our our oceans, lakes, and rivers from getting polluted. But let’s focus on some positive things about how water may have emotion, memory, and a certain spirituality. Perhaps Loren Eiseley was right. 

Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dr. Masaru Emoto gained worldwide acclaim through his groundbreaking research and discovery, that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness

He is the author of the best-selling books “Messages from Water”, “The Hidden Messages in Water”, “The True Power of Water”, and “Love Thyself”. 

There is one basic truth that we all learn early. Positive, compassionate words comfort and heal; negative words and insults hurt. Dr. Emoto may have found a way to quantify this. Thanks to his experimental work, we can look at frozen water crystals to confirm the healing power of beautiful music, positive thinking, uplifting speech, and prayer.

Water of Fujiwara Dam Before Prayer
Water of Fujiwara Dam After Prayer
Tokyo's Tap Water Before Energizing
Tokyo's Tap Water After Energizing
Fountain in Lourdes France
Words: Love of Husband and Wife
Words: Hope
Words: Honesty
Music: Imagine (John Lennon)
Music: Beautiful Blue Danube

The New York Times bestseller “The Hidden Messages in Water” is an example of Dr. Emoto’s phenomenal work. Through his writings, he made millions of people realize that water is much more than just an H2O molecule. Dr. Emoto revolutionized the way we think about water, and its impact on our health, lives, and the environment. 

Responding to claims that his work was pseudoscience, Dr. Emoto had this to say, “Current science exists in a 3 dimensional world, but the world of water is multidimensional, and I believe water crystals are in the world of 4th and 5th dimension. So they can say my research is pseudoscience in lower dimension, but I hope it to be called parascience.” 

Can Dr. Emoto's Theories Apply to Hemp?

There is a video of Dr. Emoto suggesting the idea of planting hemp at Fukushima to “purify” the contaminated environment. You can view that video here.

Why did Dr. Emoto believe this would help. “Radiations exist in the world of vibration and hemp is also a plant in the world of vibration which has high frequency. Hemp represents a positive plant and with using its high frequency, hemp can activate the polluted soils of Fukushima positively.”

Since 1998, hemp has been successfully used to remove soil contaminants from agricultural lands that were heavily contaminated by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster so we are aware of hemps ability to remediate. Sadly, Japan did not agree with planting hemp at Fukushima.

Words Do Matter

Lake Biwa in Shiga prefecture in Japan supplies water to the Kansai district. It is one of the world’s oldest lakes. Every summer since 1983 the surface of the lake is covered with outbreaks of red tides, water bloom, and water weeds that ultimately putrefies turning it into a lake of horrendous pollution with a foul smell that spreads its stench around the area.

At 04:30 am, the morning after a lecture on “on the method of ‘right mind and breath control” given by Mr. Nobuo Shioya, creator of the “Great declaration”, 300 participants gathered around Lake Biwa. With Mr. Shioya in the middle, they faced the lake’s surface and chanted the “Great Declaration, “The eternal power of the universe has gathered itself to create a world with true and grand harmony.”

About a year later the following was reported, “Every summer on Lake Biwa the foreign species of algae called kokanada, which almost covers the lake as it flourishes abnormally, is practically out of sight this year. In a normal year, the complaints of foul odor which come in to Shiga prefecture have been nil this year, and the amount of algae cleaned up by the prefecture is a mere pittance.”

Raymon Grace

Raymon Grace is the president and founder of the Raymon Grace Foundation a 501(c)3 charitable organization that focuses on clean water. The Raymon Grace Foundation uses energy work and dowsing to purify polluted water all over the world. Other projects focus the betterment of the environment and humanity.

Raymon is a world known dowser, speaker and author of three books. – “The Future is Yours- Do Something About it”, “Techniques That Work For me”, and “Seasons of April”. His books have been translated into Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. He began his training in energy work in 1973 and has since elaborated energy work and dowsing and shared his knowledge with thousands of people worldwide. He has been traveling the United States and Canada since 1990.

An Amazing Experiment

In 2005 Ramon Grace was a guest on Coast to Coast AM. He shared how he used the power of the mind to “energize” water for healing and other beneficial purposes. Ramon gave some examples of how he analyzed water using a pendulum and went on to purify it. Finally, he invited the listening audience to participate in an experiment.

Listeners were invited to get a glass of water and focus on having the water heal something or provide something in their lives that they truly needed. They were told to drink the water after energizing it with good intent. Listeners began calling in reporting what they had experienced, many stating some some amazing results. 

“Water responds. Water responds to thought, to intention, to prayer, to programming. And the water that touches the programmed water will respond and so on and so forth. The water will respond, if shown respect. The earth will respond, if shown respect. You will respond to respect if it is shown to you. The earth and the water will do the same thing.” — Ramon Grace

Does Water Have Emotion and Memory?

Dr. Masaru Emoto and Ramon Grace are not the only two men who affirm the idea that water has emotion and memory.

Water Memory
The concept of water memory goes back to 1988 when the late Immunologist Professor Jacques Benveniste caused controversy by claiming to have proved the principle of homoeopathy. He went on to develop what he called “digital biology”: the science and technology of the molecular information stored by water (its “memory”). Sadly, Benveniste died in 2004 before science found some way to comprehend the results of his work.

Virologist Luc Montagnier, who shared the Nobel medicine prize for his vital early discoveries on AIDS, took up the mantle of water memory. He stunned many of his peers when he claimed water had the ability to retain a memory of substances. To prove his theory, Montagnier created experiments he said proved that water has the ability to reproduce the properties of any substance it once contained. You can view a video of his experiments here.

For more than 15 years Prof. Dr. Ing. Bernd-Helmut Kroeplin and his team researched the theory that water retains memory and information. They created two scientific experiments — the first one involved examining droplets of water obtained from the same water source, and the second involved placing different flowers in water and examining the water to see if different flowers yielded different patterns in the water. You can view a video here

Experiment #1: A group of German students all obtained one drop of water from the same body of water, all at the same time. Through close examination of the individual droplets placed by the same student looked identical, but there were visible differences between droplets placed by different students.

Experiment #2: A second experiment was then carried out that involved placing a real flower into a body of water. After a while a sample droplet of the water was taken out for examination. Under large magnification, all of the droplets of this water looked very similar. Next, the same experiment was done placing a different species of flower into the water. When they were examined these droplets looked completely different from the first flowers showing that by changing the flower to a different one, the water showed a different pattern for each of the two flowers.

Dr. Kroeplin says the following in his book, “The World In A Drop” — “Our world view distinguishes between natural science and humanities, between the world of the measurable and the world of unprovable notions that are also our feelings. And the world distinguishes between the spirit and the matter, and the shape, and the form, and the content of the shape and the form.”

Is it fair to assume that as water travels it picks up and stores information from all the places that it has traveled through, which can thereby connect people to a lot of different places and sources of information when they drink this water? You can view a video here.

Russian physicist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov of St. Petersburg State Technical University conducted something called “The Intention Experiment” on November 30, 2007. He uses a device he calls the “Bio-Well Elements Device” that can measure water and liquids. Korotkov’s equipment blends several techniques: photography, measurements of light intensity and computerized pattern recognition. A computer program then extrapolates from this a real-time image of the ‘biofield’ surrounding the person and deduces from it the state of health in the case of a person. You can see a video of this here.

Does Water Truly Have Emotion and Memory?

Skeptics who oppose the experiments described above, will declare them as myths or pseudoscience. (They may the say the same about sacred water because only a miracle or some sort of quantifiable evidence would convince them of its validity.) Skeptics will seek to poke holes in experiments such as the above because these experiments lack “controls” and conventional scientific methods. Why not look at all of this with an open mind, positively, from a spiritual perspective. If you do, it certainly seems as though water can be affected by intention or as some may put it prayers of intention. 

Ramon Grace encourages people to try his technique of energizing water. Following is Ramon’s advice to those who may want to try energizing water for themselves. 

      • Put a thought form into the water that it will energize any water that it touches, to be equal to or to exceed the energy of the water you energize.
      • You will gain increased benefits of this water if you put your own intent into it.
      • Every time you drink water, have the thought that it is serving the purpose you intend.
      • Put in a thought form to cleanse all waste material from your cells.
      • Put in a thought form that it will give you the ability to energize more water.
      • For bodies of water: Remove the spirit of anger and fear from the water, of the sea creatures.
      • Combine the Water Project and Raising Consciousness so that every time you do this (drink water) it raises your level of consciousness and the level of the consciousness of humanity.

Check out the various websites, videos, and other information online that talk about drinking water with positive intent and its health benefits. Try directing positive thoughts and intentions into water before you drink it and see if it makes a difference. What have you got to lose?

Our oceans and waterways need help. All they can get.
Click on the link below to read a few facts about our water.